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Pergolas are constructed to give an outdoor entertaining space for family and friends, it is a great deal cooler to sit under the semi shade that a pergola provides, while still enjoying the outdoors.

Adding Pergolas to create real outdoor living space has the same effect on the outdoors as a beautiful kitchen does to a home, everyone is drawn to it and it becomes a lovely addition to grace any garden.


You can dress up the entry way to your backyard or add a highlight to your front yard.

Arbors can also have a lot of different functions, from an attractive place to grow your

plants and vines to a nice shaded bench. You can also find arbors with gates and other features.

They can be made out of a variety of materials. So depending on your garden and budget you can find the arbor that is a perfect fit!

Click on the 'Arbors' button below to view our many arbor projects

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